Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Program Objectives

  1. Equip the students with knowledge of the principles, concepts, theories, philosophies of financial management, marketing management, operations management, human resource development management, banking and management accounting.
  2. Develop among the students the competencies and skills as entrepreneurs, managers and executives.
  3. Prepare the students to seek employment and assume entry-level jobs or positions in their respective fields of specialization, either in the local or global business community.
  4. Prepare the students to pursue a teaching career or graduate studies in business.

Possible Jobs

  • Accountant
  • Commercial Loan Officer
  • City Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Public Relation Specialist
  • Advertising Executive
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Financial Officer
  • Market Research Analyst

Program Outcomes Performance Indicators
Analyze the business environment for strategic direction Prepare market needs analysis
Prepare operational plans Prepare product/service specifications plan
Innovate business ideas based on emerging industry Formulate compensation and incentive policies
Formulate supplies support policies
Manage a strategic business unit for economic sustainability Prepare environment impact and mitigation plan

Faculty Affiliation

  • Council of Deans & Educators in Business (CODEB IVA)
  • Philippine Association of Colleges in Business
  • Association of Marketing Educators