Senior High School

Senior High School Admission

For Incoming Grade 11 Students

  1. Report Card (Form 138)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)


Students must accomplish their clearance before enrolling. The accomplished clearance shall be presented to the registrar's Office upon registration.


The following shall be submitted:
  1. Report Card (Form 138)
  2. Eligibility to Transfer
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA Copy)
  4. All transferee will have to undergo initial interview at the SDC office.

For Overseas Students

Foreign Students shall submit the following:
  1. Grade placement from the Department of Education.
  2. Report Card (Form 138).
  3. Photocopy copy of alien Certification of registration.
  4. Permission from the Bureau of Immigration to enroll.

Registration Rules and Procedures

Student Admission

  1. When a student registers in school, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire school year for secondary courses, and for the entire semester for the collegiate courses.
  2. A student is deemed officially enrolled if:
    1. he has submitted and appropriate admission or the transfer credentials;
    2. he has made an initial payment on his school fees which the school has accepted; and
    3. he has been authorized to attend class.

Therefore, a student is deemed officially enrolled even if the he has not yet actually attended classes.